Custom Curbs

Customzie curbs

Beautify Your Landscape With Custom Curbs

Installing custom concrete requires skills and techniques that only come with experience. With more than 25 years of experience, the professionals at Curbscape Custom Concrete Landscape Borders can lay down the perfect concrete curb that will add value to your property.

Steps Involved in installing Custom Concrete

Trenching is an important preparation process required before installing a concrete curb. It is crucial for the trench to be flat and transition from different heights in a flowing manner. 

Trenching is done differently on different surfaces.

• In dirt: A flat head shovel is used to trench dirt to a depth that is in line with the existing grade or the final grade that is projected.

• In an existing lawn: Lawn and dirt are removed by cutting out a new edge or following an existing one.

• On concrete or asphalt: We'll keep the curb in place by drilling into the ground with a roto hammer and installing rebar or pins

The next step in installing a concrete curb is the mixing of the sand and cement. We carry all our sand and cement on our trucks. We wheelbarrow the mix to the curb extrusion machine where the curb is to be installed.

Extruding the curb:
After the mix is ready, we load it in the hopper of the curb machine. One of our experienced professional will then control the level, height, and steering of the machine.

After extruding the curb, a finisher will then straighten out any flaws in the curb and then towel out any defects to give it a smooth finish. 

Clean Up:
We will clean up all areas where curb was extruded so that we can comfortable install you curb.
Curb style

Curb Styles

You can choose from 4 different types of curb styles such as:

• 4”x 5” rectangle curb – Commonly used for residential or commercial applications. Its small width is perfect for creating lawn borders, putting greens, artificial turf, separate planters, separate rock, paths. It can also be used as a border for pavers, brick, flagstone, concrete and more.

• 4”x 6” rectangle curb – If you need a curb with more width, this is perfect. It can be used for both residential and commercial curbs.

• 6’ wide mower style (has a higher back) – This is a decorative curb mainly used for residential applications. This curb is well-suited for level ground. Its unique shape looks better from the front rather than from the side.

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